‘Somewhere to Disappear’

Laure Flammarion & Arnaud Uyttenhove, FR, 2011, 57 min.

Het Ketelhuis Westergasfabriek:

Thursday September 20 2012 - 11.00hr.
Friday September 21 2012 - 17.30hr.

‘Somewhere To Disappear’ is a film about the desire to run away. For his project, ‘Broken Manual’, the photographer Alec Soth traveled across America looking for people who’ve retreated from society. Some live in mountain cabins, some in caves, others in the desert. Who are these modern hermits? Why do they want to escape? And what is Alec Soth really looking for?

Alec Soth is a world renowned photographer best known for his portraits using a large format camera. He is represented by Gagosian Gallery, Westein Gallery, and Magnum Photos. Laure Flamarion and Arnaud Uyttenhove are young European filmmakers who followed Soth over the course of two years.

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