ArtAids Foundation Video Grant 2012

Zapp Magazine / Zapp Productions organizes the – ArtAids Video Grant 2012 – for the ArtAids Foundation, Barcelona


Gabriel Mascaro winner of ArtAids video Grant 2012

The ArtAids Foundation is pleased to announce that Gabriel Mascaro is the recipient of the ArtAids video production Grant 2012!
The ArtAids video Grant is an annual project to commission the production of an artist film which approaches aids/hiv or related issues in an innovative way. For this issue prestigious international curators, with a focus on African and South American countries, were asked to suggest artists and filmers that would be of interest in this regard. The longlist amounted to eighty candidates, the shortlist to ten. In January 2011 three candidates were selected to submit a proposal : Caroline Kamya (filmer from Uganda), Gabriel Mascaro (filmer from Brazil) and Musa Nxumalo (photographer from South Africa).
Although all three proposals were impressive, the jury unanimously voted for Mascaro’s proposal ‘Silent Dancer’ (working title). This creative documentary film follows the day to day life of Marcio, a young deaf man in Recife, Northeast Brazil, who is HIV positive. The film explores the difficulties faced due to the communication barriers that exist between deaf and non-deaf people and the emotional conflicts that permeate desire and vulnerability, uncovering a web of emotional and subjective complexities related to the virus.
Based on the cinematographical and professional qualities displayed in his earlier work, the jury believes Mascaro will compose a documentary with a convincing story and strong visual imagery, which will give the audience a new perception of social and emotional complexities related to the hiv virus.
‘Silent Dancer’ will be funded by the ArtAids Foundation with a production budget of euro € 15.000.
The jury was comprised of Han Nefkens, initiator ArtAids Foundation/art collector and writer, Barcelona, Spain, Hilde Teerlink, director museum FRAC Nord Pas de Calais, Dunkirk, France, Gerardo Peral, coordinator Art Aids Foundation Barcelona, Spain, Rob van de Ven and Corinne Groot, independent curators and editors Zapp Magazine Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Bianca Stigter, writer, art/film critic and editor of NRC Handelsblad, The Netherlands
The film will be ready in April 2012 and will be shown at several venues around the world; information about the schedule will follow soon.
The ArtAids Foundation ( is a non-profit organization that uses art in the fight against AIDS by inviting artists to produce work dealing with Aids and related issues. These works of art are used to raise public consciousness and to encourage involvement.
Most artists participating in the ArtAids projects have not previously worked with the subject of Aids in any significant way: this avoids predictable approaches and opens up new ways of seeing.
ArtAids is one of the projects initiated and directed by the writer and art collector Han Nefkens (
Bio-Filmography – Gabriel Mascaro
Gabriel Mascaro (1983) lives and works in Recife, Northeast Brazil. He began his career working with video art and new media works whilst he was studying social communications at the Federal University in his home town.
Gabriel launched his first documentary feature film “KFZ-1348” (the car number plate
of a 1965 Beetle) in 2008. His second feature length documentary,
“High-Rise” (2009) has been shown at more than 40 festivals internationally. Gabriel’s third film Defiant Brasilia had its World Premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2010 and is currently participating in festivals worldwide. His short film about the artist Paulo Bruscky, filmed in the second life, has won several prizes in Brazil.
Gabriel is currently developing the script for his first feature length fiction ‘Bull Down!’ which has received development support from the Hubert Bals Fund (International Film Festival Rotterdam) and Ibermedia (Inter-governmental fund). Gabriel was recently awarded funding to produce a TV documentary ‘Maids Quarters’ and a short creative documentary ‘Summer House’, which will be filmed in 2012.
Caroline Kamya
Ugandan filmmaker Caroline Kamya (1974) completed degrees in England in Architecture and Urban Design at Bartlett (UCL), and a MA in TV Documentary at Goldsmith College. She continued to work in TV for several years. In 2004 she set up a company office in Kampala, Uganda. iVAD International is now a leading production house in Uganda. In 2007 she attended Berlinale Talent Campus, returning to Uganda with a renewed commitment to be back in Berlin with a feature film. Caroline also set up a not for profit training arm of iVAD to provide TV training to young people in Uganda. Caroline currently works as a director of both film and documentary, with recent projects collaborating with the Nordic countries. IMANI is her debut feature film IMANI that opened at the Berlinale International Film Festival 2010 and has since travelled the world gaining a number of awards. Caroline has most recently completed two further films “Chips and Liver Girls” and “Fire Fly” commissioned by The Danish Film Institute / DOX Lab and the Rotterdam International Film Festival. Both films were screened at the DOX Film Festival 2010 on Denmark and the Rotterdam Film Festival in Holland in 2011.
Musa Nxumalo
Photographer Musa Nxumalo (1986, Soweto) lives and work in and around Johannesburg, South Africa. Nxumalo first came into the spotlight as the recipient of the fourth Edward Ruiz Award 2008 with his debut exhibition ‘Alternative Kidz’ in 2009. Musa’s startling black and white photographs portray urban black youth who identify with alternative culture. Nxumalo re-presents and repositions not only mainstream South African youth culture, but also the ability of alternative counter-culture to react against social stereotyping. In this context, alternative culture is both culturally dissonant and individually liberating. Musa draws inspiration from an eclectic mix of local and international bands and photographers, but manages to present a unique, powerful vision of his social scene.
His works has been shown in artspaces in South Africa and Europe. Selected exhibitions: Michael Stevenson Gallery, Woodstock – Cape Town (2009); …for those who live in it, MU project space, Eindhoven, The Netherlands (2010); Atri Reportage festival, Italy (2010); Us, Iziko South African National Gallery, Cape Town (2010) Afronova gallery, Braamfontein (2010), Short Change, Market Photo Workshop Gallery, Newtown – Johannesburg (2009).
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