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– Surreal Worlds -,  co-curated & exhibition design by Zapp Productions, at the Centraal Museum Utrecht, February 14th till June 9th 2014

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zalen SW7

Surreële Werelden, Centraal Museum Utrecht.

February 14 – June 9 2014

The last seven months we co-curated & designed the exhibition ‘Surreal Worlds’ at the Centraal Museum Utrecht. The show opened last Friday, February 14th and will run till June 9.

Its a great show with an interesting mix of older and younger artists. Come and have a look ! In order of appearance: a selection of surrealist publication from the collection Bastiaan van der Velde, Moesman, van Leusden, Wagenaar, Weidema, Postma, Wijmans, Koch, van ‘t Net, Man Ray, Duchamp, Miro, Ernst, Emiel van Moerkerken, Eugene Brands, Chris van Geel, De Schone Zakdoek, Gertrude Pape, Theo van Baaren, Jan Elburg, Cees Buddingh, Appel, Constant, Ouborg, Armando, de Haan, René Daniëls, Kristians Tonny, Aernout Mik, Teister, Kuik, Paul Klemann, Louis Lehmann, Hein Dingemans, Marsman, Paul de Reus, Voebe de Gruyter, Frank van den Broeck, Frank Halmans, Kinke kooi, Marijke van Warmerdam, Philip Akkerman, Hans Bellmer, Maria Roosen, Frans Franciscus, Philip Mechanicus, Robbie Cornelissen, Roland Sohier, Boers, Pieke Bergmans, Elspeth Diederix, Tijmen Zonnevijlle, Pipilotti Rist and last but not least a Barbarber project by K. Schippers, J.Bernlef and G. Brands…….

We’ll post some pictures soon.

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JACK JAEGER 1937 – 2013

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Jack Jaeger, co-editor of Zapp Magazine died on March 15th. Thanks for your great contributions and for sharing your extensive knowledge of the underground art and film scene. This interview with Leigh Bowery took place right after Leigh’s amazing opening … Continue reading

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BOSCH ART FILM 2013, Trailer


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BOSCH ART FILM 2013, Program

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click here for………..>  Bosch Art Film Program 2013 Curated by Corinne Groot & Rob van de Ven, Zapp Magazine Thursday April 18 – Sunday April 21, 2013 at the Verkadefabriek, ‘s-Hertogenbosch production still from the openings film Marwencol by Jeff Malmberg

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ZAPP MAGAZINE @ UNSEEN CINEMA September 20 – 23, 2012

UNSEEN is a new international photography fair in Amsterdam’s Westergasfabriek (19 – 23 September 2012). During the fair, Unseen Cinema will show thirty films about photography. A special selection of documentaries has been chosen by the AVRO, IDFA, VICE and ZAPP Magazine.

Zapp Magazine presents 5 films on photography and a performance by Paulien Oltheten which we programmed earlier at Bosch Art Film…..:

Thursday Sept. 20 2012 Het Ketelhuis, Westergasfabriek:
11.00hr. 'Somewhere to Disappear' (about Alec Soth)
17.45hr. 'Dolce Vita Africana' (about Malick Sidibé)
19.15hr. 'Jamel Shabazz Street Photographer'

Friday Sept. 21 2012 Het Ketelhuis, Westergasfabriek:
 12.30hr. 'Corinne Day: Diary'
 14.30hr. 'Bill Cunningham New York'
 17.30hr. 'Somewhere to Disappear' (about Alec Soth)

Saturday Sept. 22 2012 Het Ketelhuis, Westergasfabriek:
 12.45hr. 'A Sort of Lecture' a performance by Paulien Oltheten
 16.45hr. 'Dolce Vita Africana' (about Malick Sidibé)
 18.45hr. 'Jamel Shabazz Street Photographer'

Sunday Sept. 23 2012 Het Ketelhuis, Westergasfabriek:
 12.30hr. 'Corinne Day: Diary'
 14.00hr. 'Bill Cunningham New York'

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‘Somewhere to Disappear’

Laure Flammarion & Arnaud Uyttenhove, FR, 2011, 57 min.

Het Ketelhuis Westergasfabriek:

Thursday September 20 2012 - 11.00hr.
Friday September 21 2012 - 17.30hr.

‘Somewhere To Disappear’ is a film about the desire to run away. For his project, ‘Broken Manual’, the photographer Alec Soth traveled across America looking for people who’ve retreated from society. Some live in mountain cabins, some in caves, others in the desert. Who are these modern hermits? Why do they want to escape? And what is Alec Soth really looking for?

Alec Soth is a world renowned photographer best known for his portraits using a large format camera. He is represented by Gagosian Gallery, Westein Gallery, and Magnum Photos. Laure Flamarion and Arnaud Uyttenhove are young European filmmakers who followed Soth over the course of two years.

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