MUNTADAS Activating Artifacts: About Academia

Activating Artifacts:

About Academia, Amsterdam

a 6 channel video installation by Antoni Muntadas

De Appel @ Rozenstraat 59 Amsterdam,   February 11th – April 17th 2017


Niels Van Tomme, De Appel

Exhibition design:

Rob van de Ven & Corinne Groot, Zapp Productions


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performance & lectures by Alicia Framis

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, January 13 & 14 2017

editing & video production:

Rob van de Ven, Zapp Productions


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Wild Zone 3 L.A. Raeven


a new 3 channel video installation by L.A. Raeven, 2016

camera & editing, production:

Rob van de Ven & Corinne Groot, Zapp Productions

Premiering at Museum Arnhem January 14 – March 5  2017

more info:

b-muur-voorc-muur-rechts c-muur-achter-deur

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In-Out Center Archives Exhibition


De Appel arts centre Amsterdam

November 14 – December 11 2016

Research project by:

Corinne Groot, Zapp Productions

& Tineke Reijnders

Exhibition concept & design:

Corinne Groot & Rob van de Ven, Zapp Productions

In-Out Center was the first independent artist space in Amsterdam. From 1972 until 1974 it offered a platform for everything that was new at the time: performances, video art, visual poetry, audio art, conceptual art and artist books.

Its nine members came from Latin America, Iceland and The Netherlands. Michel Cardena, Raul Marroquin, Ulises Carrión, Hreinn Fridfinnsson, Sigurdur Gudmundsson, Kristján Gudmundsson, Hetty Huisman, Pieter Laurens Mol en gerrit jan de rook contributed to the experimental art climate in Amsterdam, a city they admired for it’s open and free spirit. Each member invited befriended artists to exhibit, which enhanced the space’s exciting international character. It was an inspiring scene to visitors.

In 1975, soon after In-Out Center was closed, Wies Smals founded De Appel in part to ensure a space for performances. Ulises Carrión’s Other Books and So (1975-1978) was another off-shoot from In-Out Center. Tineke Reijnders and Corinne Groot will continue their extensive research of the history of In-Out Center at De Appel arts centre.

In a lively exhibition- and research space they will present archival material and original artworks. Reijnders/Groot will be present during the exhibition to share and receive information. Memories, anecdotes, pictures and other archival material are very welcome!

img_2749 img_2751 img_2758 img_2759 img_2761 img_2771 img_2774 img_2790 img_2804 img_2817 img_2832

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Primi Pensieri, Alfred Eikelenboom


2 dimensional works by Alfred Eikelenboom

Francis Boeske Projects Amsterdam 2016

Curator & exhibition design:

Rob van de Ven, Zapp Productions / Magazine

more info: primi-pensieri-ae

_dsc6316 _dsc6318 _dsc6324 _dsc6326 _dsc6331 _dsc6332 _dsc6336 _dsc6337 _dsc6349 _dsc6352

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De Wereld van Utrecht


Renewed permanent exhibition

museum collection, 2016 – 2021

Centraal Museum Utrecht

exhibition concept & design by:

Rob van de Ven & Corinne Groot, Zapp Productions

p1150133 p1150156 p1150166 p1150171 p1150175 p1150179 p1150184 p1150190 p1150193 p1150203

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How Soon is Now


Stigter van Doesburg Gallery at

Manifesta Office Amsterdam

2014 – 2015

Curated & exhibition design by:

Corinne Groot, Zapp Productions

images-1 images-2 images index

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